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2012-02-14 17:05:02 by a22

Happy valentine's! Damn I can't get used to the new NG layout

Post-army procrastination

2011-02-10 21:37:09 by a22

It's been 1 month + 1 week since I finally got out of the army and I'm finding it a little difficult to get anything together... I want to start some project again, but it feels like I'm staring at a blank drawing board in which a single smudge or line or symbol is a mistake that brings frustration.

Post-army procrastination


2008-04-21 09:09:24 by a22


Website update and current projects.

2007-10-16 13:51:16 by a22

Hey, I updated my website again. I am currently working on a halloween themed flash, but I kinda stink at character animation so It's not going too fast, but I hope to get something enjoyable done by halloween.


2007-09-01 19:16:39 by a22

My "website" yeah, I'll make a real site again sooner or later