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Fantastic as always!

I love this stuff, it's so tight. The the synths are very lush and just my taste all the chaoz stuff is great, it really shows how you can turn simpleish things into magnificent and lush sounding tunes using all the synths timbres and other effects. The retro leads and choir pads and buzzing rhythmns, it's just awesome!

Hey, great!

Great rendition, feels very different because of the pulse, but it's not at all a bad thing, much more airy now, sounds like a proper dance track :)

MusicWizard responds:


Yes, i like it more as you say "airy" to float around in mid-air and punch the nose of mr. tyson or while daning around in the ring or something :P

Jazz funk yay!

Wow, I've heard many versions of Oleo, but this is something quite refreshing. Never would've thought of funking the song up like that, The theme sounds great slowed down and grooving like this :)

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review.
I guess I got tired of listening and playing it in swing over and over again ...
There is another version by SSM-NW much crazier than mine and a live recording by "Republik" ... check those in the Jazz section, you'll not be sorry ;)

Very nice :)

You have a good sense of melody and a good understanding of harmony in a static key (staying in one key). My gripe with this is the way the themes just keep stacking on top of each other and don't seem to go anywhere and while the lines do work well together they don't flow all that naturally. Also you should try and add some contrary motion and dynamics as well as harmonic variety. This is just my opinion and ofc you should do as you feel right and you do compose great themes and melodies, it's just the underlying structures that make them a bit dull sounding to my ears. Keep making tunes and listening to great composers, you've got a good thing going here and if you are only 16 as your profile says, you're very well on your way!

FairSquare responds:

First of all: thanks! Reviews like this are so helpful.
And i totally agree with you, but it's pretty hard to make dynamic songs. My songs have gotten more dynamic, but i'm still not where i want to be.
I really appreciate your review!



Your whole band is amazing, your keyboard solo was extremely interesting and fusionish. Love the blend of classic horn themes mixed with the more modern keyboards and bass. Some of the best music NG has heard!

Excellent slapping

Just like the person who reviewed before me I thought about Victor Wooten when I heard this, I haven't listened to many bass players all too well, but you slap damn good, one of the best, I've listened to so far


I'm glad SC Guitar Maniac Dx 2 was made so I got to hear your music, it is awesome. Pretty standard but extremely beautiful chord progression with the piano and the nylon string guitar. Nice all around, I can't think of anything bad to say except it's short.

Evil-Dog responds:

a bit short eh? My inspiration don't last very long sadly! I can never compose 5-7 minutes pieces

Hi, I'm a flash and animation in general loving guy from Finland. I also play the guitar and make music and love video games.

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