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Classic Madness!

I don't write as many reviews as I used to back in the day, but I had to give some quick thoughts on this Madness. It's everything that's good about the madness series, it's all there; the madness, the slaughter, the humor (that shop scene was hilarious), smooth animation, awesome visual style in general, great soundtrack. I'm so glad that you're still doing with these, it's like meeting an old friend. I particularly liked this episode over the last few ones for some reason, it sort of has a mood that feels like it's brand new and fresh, yet somehow feels so familiar and 'veteran' for the lack of a better word. The massacre just sort of rolls along. Great job!


I found it very funny, (maybe because I'm Finnish myself). It might be necessary to understand finnish to like this and know something about the finnish bootcamp. I'm going there in January 2010, Edessäpäin on ;(

Awesome collab!

What an ace collab, all of you guys are awesome. Smooth animation, great drawings, awesome voices, fantastic humour that had me laughing out loud, fabulous music and ofc nintendolicious characters that are always a treat to watch.

Great political humor in a nicely animated package

Well done. This is a very enjoyable flash, it runs smoothly, the drawings are not too detailed and could've been better, but the character animation, especially mouths were excellently fluid. The sound actors were spot on and the audio side of things in general was great. The humor worked pretty well too. "In what respect charlie". had me rofling. Palin is just too easy to ridicule and make fun of, but it's always funny as hell.

My expectations were high, but you exceeded them

This is hands down the best flash movie on newgrounds at the moment. The amount of detail and realism is stunning, fantastic sound effects and music to add to the desperate mood. The very concept of the story is great with the nuclear war and a central character. She doesn't look as hot to me anymore with the added detailed facial features, she looks more masculine now, I think it's a small minus.

Overall the movie is fantastic and I can't possible see why someone would not be satisfied with it.

Holy crap, it's done

I still haven't quite swallowed the fact that I just watched Fallen Angel, but I remember being stunned and glued to the screen. This is the beginning of one of the greatest flash series to have ever come out, I eagerly await for the release of the rest of the parts for this episode, I didn't even realize that there was more to come until I read the description of the film and almost felt a little disappointed, thank you so much for making the 4 years worthwhile, I'll do a more comprehensive review once I've watched everything.


Love your CS series, excellent animation some great funny moments and wonderful characters.

Poor Charlie =(

It's really funny, poor charlie, the first episode is great in it's own way this is somewhat different, but still great, I'd say just about as good as the first one. Gj

Oh yeah.

Waterlollies, we've been waiting for this one, and wow was it worth the wait and more. Just proves once again better than ever that Brackenwood is THE most stunning series done in flash. Great characters, stunningly amazing drawings and unmatched fluid animation combined with a great score. Nothing short of amazing, there's just nothing this mathching the greatness of your creations Adam, thank you.

Another great flash from my home country.

Excellent animation, sounds, soundtrack. Very nice characters and storytelling, sort of creepy. I have to give you 1 extra point for great finnish melancholy since I'm from Finland myself ;). Hienoa jälkeä.

Hi, I'm a flash and animation in general loving guy from Finland. I also play the guitar and make music and love video games.

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