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Classic Madness!

I don't write as many reviews as I used to back in the day, but I had to give some quick thoughts on this Madness. It's everything that's good about the madness series, it's all there; the madness, the slaughter, the humor (that shop scene was hilarious), smooth animation, awesome visual style in general, great soundtrack. I'm so glad that you're still doing with these, it's like meeting an old friend. I particularly liked this episode over the last few ones for some reason, it sort of has a mood that feels like it's brand new and fresh, yet somehow feels so familiar and 'veteran' for the lack of a better word. The massacre just sort of rolls along. Great job!


I found it very funny, (maybe because I'm Finnish myself). It might be necessary to understand finnish to like this and know something about the finnish bootcamp. I'm going there in January 2010, Edessäpäin on ;(

Awesome collab!

What an ace collab, all of you guys are awesome. Smooth animation, great drawings, awesome voices, fantastic humour that had me laughing out loud, fabulous music and ofc nintendolicious characters that are always a treat to watch.

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Pretty cool, but Link is not supposed to be fat. Nice that you included music and color options and a little bit of eyemovement there though.

Good game!

I liked it very much, it's a bit repetitive, but nice. Good controls and nice moves. Did anyone else notice In Flames - Episode 666 as the last music? It was kinda weird hearing it loop like that, where's the solo? :D

Great game!

I love this types of games (raptor anyone?). Just has the legendary feeling and great gameplay! I just didn't feel like I was playing a flash game. Great actionscripting! Fantastic!

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Fantastic as always!

I love this stuff, it's so tight. The the synths are very lush and just my taste all the chaoz stuff is great, it really shows how you can turn simpleish things into magnificent and lush sounding tunes using all the synths timbres and other effects. The retro leads and choir pads and buzzing rhythmns, it's just awesome!

Hey, great!

Great rendition, feels very different because of the pulse, but it's not at all a bad thing, much more airy now, sounds like a proper dance track :)

MusicWizard responds:


Yes, i like it more as you say "airy" to float around in mid-air and punch the nose of mr. tyson or while daning around in the ring or something :P

Jazz funk yay!

Wow, I've heard many versions of Oleo, but this is something quite refreshing. Never would've thought of funking the song up like that, The theme sounds great slowed down and grooving like this :)

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review.
I guess I got tired of listening and playing it in swing over and over again ...
There is another version by SSM-NW much crazier than mine and a live recording by "Republik" ... check those in the Jazz section, you'll not be sorry ;)

Hi, I'm a flash and animation in general loving guy from Finland. I also play the guitar and make music and love video games.

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